What is ZingUp?

ZingUp is a science-based programme made up of on-screen skill tests and a range of simple physical activities that together are designed to increase your brain power.

We want to help you to get Ahead of the Game.

The programme targets 13 key skills and abilities:

The on-screen tests are called an Insight Assessment. It takes about half an hour to do the 13 short tests, which are a bit like computer games. The results are presented in an Insight Core Report and help us to demonstrate your current abilities and highlight where improvements can be made.

We then set you your personal targets to aim for.

The physical activities are called Zing Sessions. These focus on your individual target areas and each takes about five minutes to complete. All the activities are based on scientific research and stimulate particular parts of the brain. They are not physically hard work – like the gym – but they do help to improve our ability to absorb information and increase the speed of our thought processes.

Stuart Bingham, World Snooker Champion 2015

The ZingUp Programme is made up of Zing Cycles, each of which lasts for 30 days and finishes with an Insight Assessment. In between you will do different numbers of Zing Sessions depending on where you are in the Programme.

The ZingUp Programme takes you through three distinct phases:

All the way through you will be getting detailed feedback from your Insight Core Reports. The programme also includes a number of Zing Booster games which you can have a go at whenever you want. These compliment the Zing Cycles and help to reinforce your progress.

The ZingUp Programme is designed to help improve your all-round performance and well-being – that’s why we want everyone to progress to the ZingUp Life Phase. To make the Programme really personal to you, we can take the information from your Insight Core Report and produce special Insight Focus Reports on a wide range of subjects including: Career Development, Education and Training, and individual sports such as Football, Cricket, Rugby, Tennis, Golf and many more.